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Modern technology has brought artificial turf to a whole new level.  The range of products available today is astonishing, with so many varieties and very authentic looks. 

Whether you choose pet grass or another type of artificial grass, there are many advantages for dog owners.  Females dogs in particular  can leave unsightly yellow spots on grassy areas when they urinate.  Some versions of pet grass are treated with scents which attract the dog and encourages him or her to "go" in that area.

Once artificial turf is installed, it's "there."  No mowing, no reseeding, no watering.  Many varieties of turf are tough enough to withstand vigorous play on athletic fields and in your own yard.  The color and beauty of the  lawn remains consistent year round, unlike most live grasses.  And you'll smile when you see the decrease in your water bill!

There are varying degrees of quality, density and realism when it comes to artificial turf and pet grass.  It's important to ask questions and comparison shop if possible.
Many dog parks and doggy daycare centers use artificial turf for easy maintenance and cleanup in their play areas, and to help keep things sanitary for their next furry visitors.

Turf is also sold in smaller rug-sized pieces known as "potty pads", which are particularly convenient for patios, balconies and other smaller spaces.

TIP:  Prior to installing artificial turf, lay down weed barrier fabric.  Some varieties of turf come with weed barrier pre-installed.  While this offers a degree of convenience, ask your turf salesman about availability and price comparison vs. installing it separately.

A list of artificial turf and pet grass resources in Temecula and  surrounding areas:

A-1 Xeriscape Landscape and Design,
Temecula, CA
28360 Front St.
Ste. 2184

Pro Lawn Turf
27576 Commerce Center Dr.
Ste. 107  Temecula

Artificial Turf Liquidators, Diaz Rd. Temecula

Home Depot, Temecula and Murrieta, CA

Temecula and Murrieta, CA

Landmark Pavers Inc.
39300 Copper Court, Ste. A  Murrieta

All Season Turf, Fallbrook and
Nuevo, CA

Easy Turf,
Vista, CA

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