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Dog breed wine glasses and wine stoppers

Give these dog breed wine stoppers or a set of dog breed wine glasses along with a favorite bottle of wine. 

The perfect host or hostess gift when dropping in on your dog-lovin', wine-lovin' friends and family.

What better way to say, "LOVE YOU, LOVE YOUR DOG!"
Temecula Wine Country residents and visitors alike are known for the love of wine and their dogs!

Here is a selection of several dog breeds, some upon genuine pewter based wine bottle corks and some on handpainted dog portrait wine glasses.  If the breed you're looking for isn't shown on a wine stopper here, check back soon as we'll be adding over 100 more.

Each wine bottle stopper has a ring and chain which keep the stopper secured to the bottle while open. Also nice for gourmet oil and vinegar bottles. Makes a lovely and unique gift - for  a friend, or for yourself??

wine bottle stopper

Dachshund dog portrait handpainted 14 oz.
wine glass

wine bottle stopper

Papillon dog portrait handpainted 14 oz.
wine glass

wine bottle stopper

English Bulldog dog portrait handpainted 14 oz.
wine glass

Boston Terrier
wine bottle stopper

Boston Terrier dog portrait handpainted 14 oz.
wine glass


wine bottle stopper

Maltese dog portrait handpainted 14 oz.
wine glass

Cairn Terrier
wine bottle stopper

Cairn Terrier dog portrait handpainted 14 oz.
wine glass

West Highland Terrier
wine bottle stopper

West Highland Terrier
(Westie) dog portrait handpainted 14 oz.
wine glass

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wine bottle stopper

Cavalier King Charles dog portrait handpainted 14 oz. wine glass  


Black Labrador Retriever wine bottle stopper

Yellow Labrador Retriever wine bottle stopper

Chocolate Labrador
wine bottle stopper

Golden Retriever
wine bottle stopper



Pug (brown)
wine bottle stopper

Jack Russell (rough coat) wine bottle stopper

wine bottle stopper

Australian Shepherd
wine bottle stopper


wine bottle stopper

Shih Tzu
wine bottle stopper

Collie (or Sheltie)
wine bottle stopper

Australian Cattle Dog
wine bottle stopper


Border Collie
wine bottle stopper

Boxer wine bottle stopper

German Shepherd
wine bottle stopper

Doberman Pinscher
(or Min Pin)
wine bottle stopper

More to come... CHECK BACK SOON!!

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