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The dog park can be a wonderful thing when everyone behaves responsibly.  You get a little exercise and quality time, your dog gets a chance to socialize and run free with some buddies, and there's OH, so much SNIFFING to be done!

To ensure a positive dog park experience, (or determine whether it's right for you and your dog) please read our Dog Park Etiquette section.  Many points may be obvious to you, but it's good food for thought.  If you run across someone at the dog park (or any other park for that matter) who isn't handling their dog responsibly, send them to this website and tell them to read all about it!!
Southern part of town:

Redhawk Community Park
& Redhawk Dog ParkMap of Redhawk dog park, Temecula, CA
44747 Redhawk Parkway, Temecula

  • A newer facility with separate, enclosed play areas for large dogs and small dogs.
  • A bag dispenser is provided, but it's a good idea to bring one along in case the dispenser is empty.
  • Water fountain for the dogs
  • Park opens at sunrise and closes promptly at sunset.
  • Not much seating, so you might want to bring a chair or plan on a nice walk.
  • Located off of Redhawk Parkway, just south of Temecula Parkway. 
    (watch carefully for the road going into the park;  it's easy to miss.)

North part of town, behind the YMCA:Margarita Dog Park, Temecula

Margarita Community Park
& Margarita Dog Park

29119 Margarita Road, Temecula

Open from 6 AM to 10:59 PM daily.
(Redhawk closes earlier than this park.)

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