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dog etiquette
Okay, so this guy and his dog enter the outdoor seating area of a restaurant.

The dog pulls the leash out of his owner's hand, takes a running leap across the patio, starts a barking match with a little Shih Tzu in the corner, then proceeds to jump up and help himself to a lovely woman's miso glazed salmon.  He then runs the other direction and knocks down the server's cart, lifts his leg on the busboy's pants and makes a run for the exit.  All the while, his owner is chasing him through the restaurant, yelling and swearing like a sailor on leave.  Since the human is  responsible for  damage caused his dog, he pays for the woman's missing lunch, (along with a glass of wine for her trouble) the cost of the broken dishes from the cart, and ultimately the busboy's dry cleaning bill.  (they were really nice pants.)


Temecula and Murrieta have several wonderful trainers who will gladly work with you.  In the meantime, if your dog is not socialized or not quite ready for this kind of thing, maybe dropping him off for an afternoon at the spa or doggy daycare would be alternatives to consider.

That said, if your dog is well-behaved, polite, non-aggressive and socialized,  here are some  guidelines.  Many of these should be obvious, 
and if more people follow the basics, more places may feel comfortable becoming (and remaining) dog friendly.  READ ON...


1)  Dogs should always be on leash when visiting a dog friendly business, even if you think it's not necessary.  If you are seated, be sure the leash is carefully secured by your side and not lying out in the aisle where someone may trip over it.

2) If there's any question, call ahead to be certain that a place is indeed dog friendly.  Policies change, companies change hands, and it's courteous to give people (especially restaurant people) a heads-up that you'll be coming in with your dog.

3) Always carry pickup bags with you, and ALWAYS PICK UP AFTER YOUR PUP.  (and allow time for him/her to go before your outing.)

4) Be courteous of other guests - don't allow your dog to block pathways or run up and start sniffing.  Most people will (and should) ask if they can pet your dog.  Until they have initiated that friendly interaction, it's up to you to keep your dog out of their way. 
If someone does ask to pet your dog, stay tuned in to the situation and make certain that your dog doesn't get overexcited or engage in inappropriate sniffing.

5) A recent bath and fresh breath are advisable.  (for both of you!)  Nobody likes that musty aroma of your dog as much as you do. 
Local groomers

6) Be aware of your dog at all times.  Some of our little darlings can be very sneaky, and just when you're not looking, they've cozied up to someone at the next table, batting their eyelashes and begging for food or attention. 

7) If you need to step away to the restroom or to pay a check, etc., leave someone trustworthy in charge of the dog.  DO NOT leave your dog unattended.

8) If you are in a restaurant and your server brings a water bowl and/or a treat for your companion without being asked, TIP WELL! 

9) Relax and enjoy.  Your dog will pick up on your mood, and he'll cherish the time he gets to spend with his best friend.

Dog Park Etiquette
There are differing opinions about dog parks.  Some trainers and other people believe they should be avoided completely.  Vets have told us that they often see injuries resulting from dog park scuffles.  Yet, others believe that it's a wonderful way for a dog to burn off some energy and be amongst friends from his own species.  (another alternative would be an little playtime at one of the local doggy daycare centers.)

We've heard the dog park compared to Chuck E. Cheese for dogs.  (without the pizza and bad wine.)  Where a dog can be a dog.

So let's say you were to take a child to Chuck E. Cheese. (let's call him Joey).  And little Joey starts pulling little Brittany's hair, stealing the other kids' game tokens and throwing food all over the floor. Would you order another round, kick back on your cell phone and just ignore what was going on?  One would hope not.

At the risk of addressing the obvious yet again, here are some simple guidelines to keep things safe and fun, should you choose to visit the Dog Park.

Again, many of these guidelines should be apparent.  But apparently not to everyone.

1)  Pay attention - don't just use this as a time to catch up on phone calls.  Stay aware of your dog's demeanor and his behavior, even if you do spend a few minutes on the phone.

2)  Be a participant - play ball with him if he's interested, or if he's playing happily with other dogs, wander along the sidelines and enjoy the show.  The walk will do you good, and there's often a great photo opp.

3) If your dog is showing even the mildest sign of aggression toward another dog, step in and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.  Herd your dog away from the object of his attention before things have a chance to escalate.  Even if you think he's "just playing."  If things persist, LEAVE.  It's time to go home.

4) If another dog is showing even the mildest sign of aggression toward your dog, step in and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.  Herd your dog away from the aggressor before things have a chance to escalate.   If things persist, LEAVE.  It's time to go home.

5) Carry bags with you, just in case the dispensers are empty.  And... you guessed it... ALWAYS PICK UP AFTER YOUR PUP!

6) If you run across someone at the dog park (or any other park for that matter) who isn't handling their dog responsibly, send them to this website and tell them to read all about it!

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