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American Cancer Society ''BARK FOR LIFE''
Ronald Reagan Sports Park
August 30th, 2015, 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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Restaurants, hotels, and even wineries in the Temecula Valley are recognizing the prevalence of guests who enjoy having a canine companion by their side. Thus the ever-increasing popularity of dog friendly establishments in the Temecula - Murrieta area.

We have over 30
dog friendly restaurants and approximately 24 dog friendly wineries in the  area.
Dog at dog friendly restaurant in Temecula, CA 92592
Given the choice, many local diners and visitors from out of town will choose a restaurant or hotel where they can bring their well-mannered pooch over one which does not allow dogs.  Temecula is known for its beautiful sunny days, and it can be quite hazardous to leave your dog (or your grandmother) in the car when you stop for a bite to eat.  Yet another reason to seek out a place that welcomes your dog with open arms.

"…Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country has become the popular, new, pet-friendly place to stay and play," says Kimberly Adams, Temecula Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau, President and CEO. Read the article…

Summer is upon us.  Temecula is so beautiful at this time of year, with lush green leaves on the grapevines.  It's gotten warmer, but not too warm for an occasional outing around town with our furry friends.  Many of our dog friendly restaurants have misters in the outside areas to keep  you cool.  Parks, walking trails and dog friendly wineries await!

 at Europa Village Winery, Temecula
WINES FOR CANINES & KITTIES, an annual  event which benefits our local shelter, Animal Friends of the Valleys, took place again  back in March at Wiens Family Cellars.  A wonderful  buffet luncheon was served, and guest speaker Rick Browde was a big hit, as was the live auction of donated items and a FIDO FASHION SHOW of adoptable dogs

This event was strongly supported by the Animal Advocates Committee of the Temecula Valley Woman's Club
It's so nice to see our locals come out in force when the animals need our help.

CAUSE FOR PAWS "Woofs and Purrs in the Vines" takes place every October at Oak Mountain Winery here in Temecula.   This event raises funds for pets with diabetes.


by Nelsy Rodriguez


by Stephanie D. Schulte


CAROL'S RESTAURANT at Baily Winery here in Temecula is a favorite of our black lab, Mardi.

hey bring him a treat and a fresh bowl of water with a smile - he never even has to Dog at dog friendly restaurant in Temecula, CA 92592ask!

We  enjoy the wine country ambience and cuisine of Carol's outdoor dining area, and it's a pleasure to bring our four footed friend along for the outing.

(...see our Dog Friendly Etiquette guide.)
Mmmm, fresh water with ice cubes for Mardi!
Fashion Island, Newport Beach, California, is also a great example of a dog friendly setting, and Fashion Island dogserves as a good model for others around the state.

At Fashion Island, Mardi has visited Restoration Hardware to review towel bars, he's taken a peek at laptops in The Apple Store, (of course, all stores practice a "you break it, you buy it" policy) and he has enjoyed lounging by our side at many an outdoor restaurant. As Fashion Island is a very popular place for dog owners, a trainer in the area even takes students there for "final exams," amidst the many distractions.

Even Los Angeles County has lifted their ordinance about dogs being allowed on restaurant patios. "We're an outdoor city -- people like to go places with their pets -- and the trend has been going more that way," said Jan Selder, Director of Valley Operations for L.A. Animal Services. "This new ordinance will hopefully encourage more and more diners to bring along their newly adopted shelter pets" (hint-hint, wink-wink).
Read the article…
Read about the
Animal Advocates Committee
of the
Temecula Valley Woman's Club ...
Upcoming articles on this website will include information about local events and fundraisers for rescue organizations and pets in need, along with insights from trainers, veterinarians, owners of dog friendly establishments and other dog lovers. Links will be provided and continually updated with news resources, book, photos, videos and fun or innovative pet products.

See our listings of dog friendly places in the Temecula Valley. Please contact us if you are aware of any additions, corrections or changes which should be made to these listings.

San Diego International Wine Competition

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